Learning Materials



Bellow are lists of books and tutorials I found very useful and used and/or will be using to study character animation:


“The Illusion of Life” By. Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnson

“The Animator’s Survival Kit” By. Richard Williams

“ANIMATION – The Mechanics of Motion” By. Chris Webster

“Stop Staring – Facial Modeling and Animation Done Right” By. Jason Osipa

“Timing for Animation” By. Harold Whitaker and John Halas

“Animation Tips & Tricks” By. Shawn Kelly

“Drawn to Life: 20 Golden Years of Disney Master Classes: Volume 1”  By. Walt Stanchfield

“Drawn to Life: 20 Golden Years of Disney Master Classes: Volume 2”  By. Walt Stanchfield

“Acting for Animators, Revised Edition: A Complete Guide to Performance Animation” By. Ed Hooks

Action!: Acting Lessons for CG Animators” By. John Kundert-Gibbs

“Character Animation Crash Course!” By. Eric Goldberg

“The Animator’s Reference Book” By. Les Pardew & Ross Wolfley

“Cartoon Animation (The Collector’s Series)” By. Preston Blair

“Acting for Animators : A Look at 12 Films” By. Ed Hooks

Animated Performance: Bringing Imaginary Animal, Human and Fantasy characters to life” By. Nancy Beiman

“Animation Unleashed: 100 Principles Every Animator, Comic Book Writers, Filmmakers, Video Artist, and Game Developer Should Know” By. Ellen Besen, Bryce Hallett


–  Digital Tutors : Body Mechanics – Pulling Heavy Object

–  Digital Tutors : Body Mechanics – Pushing Heavy Object

–  Digital Tutors : Body Mechanics – Lifting Heavy Object

–  Gnomon: 1. Character Animation Fundamental

–  Gnomon: 2. Character Animation Mechanic and Emotion

–  Gnomon: 3. Character Animation Acting and Lip Sync

Keith Lango’s Animation Tutorials (VTS)

Jason Ryan’s Animation Tutorial Series