Animator’s Tips

As we all know, not many school in the world offer the subject/ diplomas/ degree in character animation. The Schools that does have a program for animators that I know off does not come cheap and not everyone have the luxury to be able to afford it.

So, with the spirit of animators let’s share and help each other. Here in this page we can share our knowledge of animation.

If you have tips that you think is great for the other animators to know and it would help the rookies please note it down on the comments section…

Thank you…

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3 thoughts on “Animator’s Tips

  1. I think First of all, that the schools are a great ooportunity for learn, but a school is not the best aproach if all you want is the diploma or the paper. Commonly, you will be hired by what you do, by your demo, not by the paper you have. Even tough, a school is good for the teaching it have. But as you said, theyre expensive, so for starter animators ( as me) keep in mind, it is not the only or the best way to get that job….

    • I have a friend who did architecture till the age of 30 then realised he wanted to do animation. He got himself a job as a runner as well as learning animation in his own time. The Studio offered him lessons in the field and so he work his way in from there.

      Being inside the belly of the beast is a great way to make a break. Like Krrera said its the demo reel that will get you the job and hardwork.

  2. its a very site for animators learn animation, but we want some more learning technics and how to use curve editor graph editor dope sheet and tools using and technics more others and add some video tutorials to downloadable the ur site also going to be popular

    and thanq soooo much……..

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