Essential Acting Concept

Hi all… It’s been a while since I last post but the other as I was reading Acting for Animators by. Ed Hook, I came across something that changed how I plan the acting choices for my shots. In his book, he gave a theory of Seven Essential Acting Concept. Here are the summary of it:

#1. Thinking tends to lead to conclusion; Emotion tends to lead to action

#2. Acting is reacting. Acting is doing

#3. The character needs to have an objective. Every movement or action in a character have its own purpose/ objective.

#4. Your character should play an action until something happens to make him play a different action. There are never any moment where the character is doing nothing at all.

#5. All action begins with movement

#6. Empathy is the magic key. Audiences empathise with emotion

#7. A scene is a negotiation. Negotiation inherently contains conflict but it is not necessarily conclude to being a negative thing. There are 3 types of conflict: internal conflict, external conflict (with other people), and conflict with the situation.

This acting concept has helped me by tons in planning the scene I’m creating for my thesis, I hope it will be as useful for you too. =D


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