Animation Journey Continues… at Last…

After nearly 2 years of derailment from my animation journey to another path laid in My life with the arrival of My little girl, at last I’m able to continue my character animation learning. She is now One year old (means now she can be with a baby sitter while I animate…Yay!). Aside from that reason, I’m now also joining one of the awesome online animation schools, This is all thanks to their scholarship program!!… Yep, I received their scholarship for starting this spring semester (April 2013) and will finish in September 2015. I was in shock when I received the acceptance email!

I have enrolled to the “Introduction 3D Animation” with Thom Roberts as the Instructor. This will be quite a bit of repetition from My workshop 1 at iAnimate but it’s okay for me as I have not been animating since mid 2011. Actually, this will be a great restart for me.
I will be starting on the 1st of march, so stay tune to My blog as I will (again) share with you the new things I will learn and I’ll also post up My work so it will be able to be commented!…

Thanks for reading,
Keep Animating,
Sashya Halse


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