Animating Pendullum (Overlapping Action and Follow Through Exercise).

Hi everyone, long time no post… =)
I’ve been working on my first ever TVC job, its very exciting…
I worked on my pendulum exercise last week but haven’t found the spare time to post it until now. The task is to animate a pendulum rig moving around the screen and get the pendulum moving right. This exercise is focusing on animating overlapping action and follow through to get the right movement of the pendulum.

Please give me some feedback so I can improve my animating skills. Thanks for your support.

Keep on animating!

Sashya Halse


5 thoughts on “Animating Pendullum (Overlapping Action and Follow Through Exercise).

  1. Hello there, I was checking this website and I liked what you are doing in here. Alsoo its a good way to review and have clear the principles and theories youre describing in here. I havent studied anything about animation in a school, good school are to expensive and I cant afford it. But Im currently as a trainee in a studio, in Mexico, wich is creating a movie, animators in here are teaching me, Altoght I still have a lot to learn. Ive Seen animation can consume alot of our daily time, wich is way I would like to ask if there is anyway I could help in this blog, so it gets updated more often without you having any troubles. As I said before, I have a lot to learn, but I have passion for animation, and I could learn something helping in this blog. Thanks for your time and congratulations! Anything you need my mail is

    • Hi, Sorry I took ages to reply… work has been very hectic until today… If you want to contribute please email me the material you want me to post ( and I will post it and put your name on it… Thank you so much… =)

  2. No problem! I just wish to help, this way anybody learns (including myself), as soon as I get up with something I will email you. Thanks!

  3. Hi there,

    Looks like you are getting the feeling for overlapping action and weight, which is really good. I just wanted to point out some major problem areas. The first time when it goes under (Around frame 40?) and to the right, the dangle thingy should have a little bit more swing to the left. After it reaches the top of the screen (Around frame 83?) it looks like the dangle thing is stuck for a moment and shouldn’t be so far to the right. Also when it’s dropping from the stone at the end (Around frame 150?) the dangling thing should be swinging upwards dramatically to show the abrupt and powerful force of the direction change.

    I hope this helps,

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