Timing Exercise…

This week’s exercise is all about understanding and dealing with timing and spacing. The task is to animate two balls falling and hit the ground, one ball is heavy (like a bowling ball) and the other one is a light hard ball. This animation has to be made without using stretch and squash, so the timing and spacing has to be done correctly to show the weight of the balls.

This week was a totally busy week for me, work has been kinda driving me crazy. We don’t seams to be able to get Maya’s nParticle to work and look like as we plan to. Its a good thing I have this animation to look foward to at the of the day. I spare few hours every night and every lunch times to read, watch tutorials and work on the exercise… Next month hopefully I’ll be able to get free time on the first 2 weeks so I then be able to do full time study on animating. Yay!

This is the result of my animation for this exercise:

First Attempt:

Second Attemp with improvements :

(In this attempt I add rotations to the ball, tweak the graph and change the back ground so its not distracting.)

Third Attemp – tweaking (newest):

Please give me some feedback so I can improve my animation.

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Thank you for reading my blog.

Keep on Animating,

Sashya Subono Halse

PS. My next learning topic is about strech and squash. =)


3 thoughts on “Timing Exercise…

  1. Hi Sasha, nice animation overall, i’m going to first give you an advice that my mentor keeps repeating all the time, i mean it’s nice to put some fancy stuff to make the animation more interesting, but if you really want to be an animator, try to concentrate just in the animation part, and leave the rest for your demoreel if you want, but in the end when you apply at a mayor studio for example, i don’t think they take that into consideration, and also the background can become distracting, it happens all the time in my class and my mentor almost gets angry, :).

    The first thing i noticed in your light ball is the arcs, they’re not evenly spaced out, the first one is wider than the next one and then the third one is wider again, maybe you stretched the second one to get the ball to push the button, but it seems unnatural. Also it looks as if for no reason the ball gains some speed after it hits the wall, maybe the bounces have to be a little short too.

    The heavy ball seems nice i like the weight, just a few things, you have to tweak the arc a little bit, feels like if the curves were almost in linear mode when it starts to fall. Also i think you have to make the arcs more evenly spaced in the last two mini bounces, so when it stops doesn’t look like it’s too sudden.

    Don’t get discouraged by my feedback, trust me, for learning on your own i think you’re better than many AM students at that point. And also you may know this, but critiques just make you better. Happy animating 🙂

    • Thank you for the feedback, I will work on it… I’m not discourage by feedbacks, actually makes me feel more motivated to learn… =)
      As well as to share the knowledge, critiques and feedback is the reason I made this blog so I can omprove my animation. This is something I’m not able to get when learning on my own. Without feedback I would not know where I went wrong… Once again Thank you for your feedback =)

  2. hey, its so great to see someone else who is learning on their own. I think you are a bit ahead of me though. I have been busy with other things, but I’m trying to get back on track.

    I agree with the first comment about leaving the background out, because i know sometimes i get caught up in that and forget that its background and for learning purposes isn’t always neccessary.

    Oh yeah, also I want to thank you and give you big kudos for posting the blog entry about Learning References. It was great, some of it I have on my “list” as well.

    It would be cool to keep in contact, check out my blog(havent updated lately) when you get a chance.

    : )


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