Poses Exercise…

Last week exercise is to make some poses applying the theories I leart on my firts week… so, I made one pose a day. I spent minimum of 2 hours each day after work to study every day. Since work has been really full-on lately, I didn’t get to do my exercise until late and sometimes as late as midnight. I have to say, that has been the highlight of the day thoufgh! So here are all of the poses I’ve done and please give me some feedback so I can Improve my work. I will fix the poses according to the tips and feedback everyone gives and post it up… ( Note: all of the fixed poses is done on 20th May 2010)

Day 1 => Accusing


Day 2=> Reading


Day 3 => Rock Star


Day 4 => Look up


Day 5 => Spigirlman


Please give me your feedback in my comment section (bellow) so I can Improve my skills. All Feedbacks and Tips are highly Appriciated. Thank you very much for your help.

Keep Animating…

Best Regards,


PS. My next learning topic is Timing and Spacing in animation…


2 thoughts on “Poses Exercise…

  1. Accusing: could maybe push the lean a little more, the hips feel like they’re facing wrong way. dunno if you can control shoulders, but if you can I would raise them.
    Reading: pose is looking good, but the book feels like its at a bad angle for the guy to read.
    funny seeing spiderman in these poses
    rockstar: looks pretty good
    lookup: could maybe push the head back a little further so its really looking up. maybe add a slight tilt. left hand/arm feels like it could be relaxed and hanging down to side
    spigirlman: right hand is a bit unclear, is palm up or down.
    great job on poses!

  2. My Feedback given from twitter.com by. @dhilip_animator

    poses are gr8.. little bit of tweaking them would make them more elegant and strong..!!

    accusin-i see u wanted a twist in the body!may u can reduce it a bit by turning da hip n tilt it a little to adjust wgt!line of axn z good!

    reading ; nice and relaxed feel !!

    rock star ; good . may b u can rotate the pelvis backwards a little and move the hip a little forward to get a subtle stretch in the leg..!

    looking up; may b u can put the lft hand down to the side..! more tilt in the head needed

    spigirl ; spigirl needs more tilt in pelvis to emphasize a feminine pose.. i see u hav limitations with the male rig. looks funny though 🙂

    general note; i see u have to work on the variations in fingers in all poses. never keep the straight or symetricall unless it is called for..!! study fingers’ variations from life books by sketchin them !! work on shoulders and facials more to give a nice feel..! keep practicing…! nice work!

    Thank you so much for your feedback

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