The Wise Words of Walt Disney.

In the start of every chapter of this amazing book ” The Illusion of Live” written by two of Disney’s right hand men ‘The Nine Old Men’ (Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston), they quoted Disney’s words. These are some of Disney’s inspirational words in relation to animation.

“Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive.”

“At first the cartoon medium was just a novelty, but it never really began to hit until we had more than tricks… until we developed personalities. We had to get beyond getting a laugh. They may roll in the aisles, but that doesn’t mean you have a great picture. You have pathos in the thing.”

“When we consider a new project, we really study it… not just a surface idea, but everything about it.”

“I definately feel that we cannot do the fantastic things based on the real, unless we first know the real.”

“In most instances, the driving force behind the action is the mood, the personality, the attitude of the character – or all three. Therefore, the mind is the pilot. We think of things before the body does them.”

“We seem to know when to ‘tap the heart.’ Others have hit the intellect. We can hit them in all emotional way. Those who appeal to the intellect only appeal to a very limited group. The real thing behind this is: we are in the motion picture business, only we are drawing them instead of photographing them.”

“My greatest reward is that I have been able to build this wonderful organization”

“You know, the only way I’ve found to make these picture is with animators – you can’t seems to do it with accountants and bookkeepers.”

“The ideal set-up would be the storyman, the director, and the layout man, as well as musician, operating as a sort of story unit. They all should be keenly interested in the picture. No one in person should donate to an extent where he would keep the others from entering into the production and freely expressing themselves.”

“It’s possible to do darn near anything if we figure out certain definite things…. We can do anything we think of with this.”

“I think a good study of music would be indispensable to the animators — a realization on their part of how primitive music is, how natural it is for people to want to go to music — a study of rhythm, the dance — the various rhythms enter into our lives every day.”

“No one person can take credit for the success of amotion picture. It’s strictly a team effort. From the time the story is written to the time the final release print comes off the printer, hundreds of people are involved — each one doing a job — each job contributing to the final product.”

“this is very important thing. There are so many people starting in on this, and they might go hay-wire if they don’t know ho to use this live action in animating.”

“The story man must see clearly in his own mind how every piece of business will be put over. He should feel every expression, every reaction. He get far enough from his story to take a second look at it. . . to see whether there is any dead phase. . . to see whether the personalities are going to be interesting and appealing to the audience. He should also try to see that the things that his characters are doing are of an interesting nature.”

“I think you have to know these fellows deffinately before you can draw them. When you start to caricature a person,you can’t do it without knowing the person. Take Laurel and Hardy for example; everybody can see Laurel doing certain things because they know Laurel.”

“After we have given the man all the suggestions we can that have to do with expressing ideas through the body, then we can come down to the value of the facial expression – the use of the eyes, eyebrows, the mouth – their relationto one another – how the mouth and eyes have to work together (sometimes) for expression – how they work independently for expression at other times. In other words then we would go into the combined use of expressive features and expressive action of the body.”

“In our animation we must show only the actions and reactions of a character, but we must picture also with the action. . . the feeling of those characters.”

I hope this quotes by. Walt disney will inspire anyone and everyone… especialy animators anywhere in the world!…

Keep animating… =)


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