Think Again!….

When people asked me what I do for living and everytime I told them that I make 3D animations they seams to underestimate how much time is involved in the animation production. Most people thinks that 3D animations processes are not time consuming and easy to produced (I actualy have experiensed someone make assumptions that the computer does all the works and all we need to do is observe the computer so it does not crash… That was just annoying to the max!). If you are one of those people, PLEASE READ THIS POST as I will set the record straight.

“By contrast (from live action), in animation we start with a blank piece of paper (well, nowdays mostly turn out to be blank screen!) Out of nowhere we have to come up with characters that are real, that live, that interrelate. We have to work out the chemistry between them, find ways to create the counterpart of charisma, have the characters move in believeable manner… That is enough challenge for anybody.”. _ ‘The Illusion of Life – Disney Animation’ By. Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston

When audience watch animated movie or tv series they don’t think of how much work is involve to make it possible for it to be aired/ watched. For classic 2D animation someone/some people out there have to paint each and every element for every frame for at least 24 frames /second of the animation, imagine how many drawings have to be done for 90 minutes feature film. More than 7 million frames have to be drawn to finish that film possible. Different with 3D animation, eventhough it uses computer and not hand drawn/painted, it is just as hard. Everything has to be design even the little details. All element have to be modelled, UV, and textured. They have to be rigged so it is able to move, not only the characers but also objects. Then we have to animate it, light it, deal with the VFX and particles and after all that then render it (aka. The annoying waiting and crashing). That’s not all, after we have to do compositing and editing. Each and every part of it is as hard, take as long and use as much men (and women) power as each other.
Animators and CG Artist in some countries are still unappriciated and seriously under paid. I meant as bad as (here in Indonesia) I was offered to be paid NZ$280 /month as a junior animator (that’s including unpaid overtime!). That’s how much I get for two weeks for just being a university student back in NZ! For working back home in New Zealand for being junior animator will get you around NZ$20/hour x 40 hours/week (+ overtime) = at least $800/week! This is happening because they have no idea how much it takes t

Another assumption that people gave to us (3D artist/animators) that we are computer freaks and have no life… -_-”
If you assumed so, you might have to come to animation studios and see what its like… We might seams concentrate on our screen a lot, but actually when our concentration is broken and not in a frustrating moments (aka. Chased by a huge “MONSTER” called deadline) we are a bunch of “crazy” people! A lot of us ” the junior animator/artist loves too party (sometimes a little too much). I would have to say, in my opinion you are not cut out to become a 3D artist/animator if you are not crazy and you are shy, do not like to act/perform in front of people, not over the top/ exagerated type of person, have a crazy style, etc. This is because mostly people like that are the one who has over the top imagination and out of the box ideas. Its crucial as in this field you have to have unlimited imagination, if not we would not be able to create crazy, funny, over the top and/or unthinkable original stories and animations (with amazing acting and crazy characters) for the audience to enjoy.

People wonder why would anyone become a 3D/Cg artist or animator. Not many people realizes as an artist there are feelings of satisfaction when seeing your finished work of art. I’m glad I am one. Never regret My decision on working on CG either being a compositor and 3D artist(currently) or to continue learning character animation to become a great animator!


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